The Courtship

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Mar 06, 2022 - Present




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A dating series where suitors try to win the heart of a heroine.

Set in a Regency-style England, a group of hopeful suitors do their best to win the heart of a heroine and her court. Housed in a countryside castle surrounded by rolling hills, the heroine and suitors experience dates comprised of carriage and boat rides, archery, and communication using handwritten letters. In the end, will the ultimate romantic experience help them find true love?

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03/17/22 at 02:05pm

I tried to watch it, but they mangled the premise so badly, I gave up after ten minutes.

You can't do a period setting with only one gorl. You would really need equal numbers.

Plus, the women's costumes were way out of sync with the times.

One positive -- it made Bridgerton seem authentic.
03/06/22 at 10:17am

More mindless reality show rubbish.

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