The Culpo Sisters

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Nov 07, 2022 - Present






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A reality series following the lives of Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia Culpo.

Cameras follow the daily lives of Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia Culpo as they navigate the ups and downs of family life and their careers in Los Angeles, CA. For the first time, the three sisters and best friends are opening up their homes and hearts in an intimate and entertaining way.

Olivia, most known for her Miss Universe title, asserts herself as a fashion and business entrepreneur, while oldest sister Aurora is a mother of two known to be the family boss. Sophia, the youngest, considers herself to be the most zen, often playing peacemaker.

Comments (5)

12/01/22 at 04:11pm

This show is so about me people! Please cancel this show it is so Kardashian like! Boring rich girls! Not real life enough of this!!! We need more about real life! Especially with what is going on in our world! This show is not what people need to watch...
12/01/22 at 06:53am

WHO CARES about the insignificant life of the Culpo Sisters? Just what we need in this about to self-destruct world……..a cookie cutter pattern of the narcissistic Kardashian has-beens. Ad nauseam times 100. No thanks!
11/15/22 at 08:12am more Kardashian wanna-be bimbos.
Enough!! Even the 1000 pound sisters were more interesting to watch.
The Punisher
11/07/22 at 03:32am

More reality retards...
Steve S.
11/07/22 at 02:17am

That poster who complains about "soft porn" (and he doesn't limit that complaint to homosexuals) should love (hate) this. I'd watch somo Culpo if it didn't scent of Kardashian.

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