The Culpo Sisters

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Nov 07, 2022 - Dec 07, 2022








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A reality series following the lives of Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia Culpo.

Cameras follow the daily lives of Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia Culpo as they navigate the ups and downs of family life and their careers in Los Angeles, CA. For the first time, the three sisters and best friends are opening up their homes and hearts in an intimate and entertaining way.

Olivia, most known for her Miss Universe title, asserts herself as a fashion and business entrepreneur, while oldest sister Aurora is a mother of two known to be the family boss. Sophia, the youngest, considers herself to be the most zen, often playing peacemaker.

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10/08/23 at 07:30pm

All the haters get a life! I actually liked this show. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't run your mouth!
04/08/23 at 08:49pm

Olivia is starting to morph into a Kim Kardashian face . She was so pretty before she puffed her lips, got implants etc . and started wearing slutty clothing. Her once classy look gave way to trashy look. Someone throw those girls some steaks ! Gross
04/08/23 at 08:45pm

Fakest, scripted , lousy actresses show I ever watched . I’ll never get my wasted 5 minutes back.
01/09/23 at 02:31pm

What has the Former Ms Universe done with her life?
Why can’t back from her sister and entitled and the parents just go long with the blame- toxic. Unwatchable!
12/31/22 at 04:08pm

All I can come up with when it comes to this show is, WHY?
12/05/22 at 07:13pm

Shallow, self-absorbed, anorexic looking, privileged and oh so boring!!! Still trying to figure out the point of this show. Love the NFL but could care less that (two? ), are dating NFL players. If Whitney Thore’s sweet mama hadn’t gotten ill I would have MUCH preferred she and Glenn getting their own show! She’s much more charming AND beautiful! I would spend hours on end with “Pillowtalk”, but I’m begging you TLC lose this show!!!!!
12/05/22 at 00:30am

Horrible show. Don't really know who these girls are but how disgusting to say and teach other young girls to never say no. They basically have no self respect and will do anything for fame and fortune. It's actually kind of sad.
12/04/22 at 11:31am

The biggest issue in this shallow show is Sophia taking Olivia’s clothes and aurora divorcing her husband after giving him permission to sleep with one girl a year. No more substance to this show than with Kardashians. Only difference. Momma Kardashian knew how to manage and made a freaking fortune for the family.

Get rid of it!
12/03/22 at 01:12pm

This is not what young girls need to see growing up. Not the role models needed in todays world
Mark H.
12/02/22 at 07:22pm

The Culpo sisters is a joke, get rid of it. Its' boring with no substance, it's the same old run of the mill reality show unlike 90 day Fiancé as well as love after lock up & love During lock up, these to shows are great! You always look forward to the next episodes.

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