The Endgame

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Feb 21, 2022 - May 02, 2022




Drama / Crime




Elena - Morena BaccarinVal - Ryan Michelle Bathé

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A drama following a criminal mastermind who squares off against a principled FBI agent.

Elena Federova is a recently captured international arms dealer who arranges various coordinated bank heists throughout New York City for a mysterious purpose. Val Turner is a relentless and socially outcast FBI agent who realizes that Elena's plan is bigger than the banks, and has made it her mission to stop her.

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05/17/22 at 04:48pm

The overall offering would have worked so much better as movie, or at most a two-parter presentation. As a ten episode series, it stretched interest and disbelief to the snapping point. The show started at an exciting and intriguing gallop, but when the third (?) episode revealed the bank hijackings had been going on for DAYS, I feared the whole race had fallen down with broken legs. Scenes flashing on the hostages in the banks showed the poor suckers still just sitting on the floor. And the overall plot just got equally hard to swallow and accept. The cliffhanger ending did not raise my blood pressure even a little bit to see what would happen next season.
Robert Lonardo
05/09/22 at 04:20am

The Endgame was cancelled after 1 season.
03/29/22 at 11:17am

As much as i love Morena Baccarin from both Homeland and Gotham I am sorry this show is incredibly boring.
03/20/22 at 08:09pm

Do they not hire advisors for shows like this? FBI agent muzzles the SWAT team, then a SWAT operator turns around with his rifle and muzzles everyone in the room. Carpet baggers.
03/17/22 at 10:29am

Morena has a permanent grin. Ryan has a permanent scowl.
Is the Game to see who can maintain their facial expression the longest?
Morena also has a permanent cleavage- very distracting, because I want to so desperately focus on the drama.
Juicy Lucy
03/03/22 at 06:33pm

I have loved Morena Baccarin since Firefly and I really want to like this show but I agree with Steve S. that Ryan Michelle Bathe is the weakest link on this show, everyone else is believable in their roles.
02/23/22 at 06:10pm

I liked it better as The Blacklist.
02/22/22 at 02:35pm

I really want to give this a shot. A child stabbed in the abdomen and then has the ability to throw a knife with pin point accuracy. Plus has the strength to break a person’s neck. The remaining characters are just not believable.
Steve S.
02/22/22 at 06:22am

How apropos that I mentioned Gotham in my pre-watch comment. I just now watched most of the pilot before I bailed. Endgame is done with the same exorbitance as Gotham. It has plenty of similar interesting characters but the story isn't stimulating for me and it lacks Gotham's charm. I might say Ryan Michelle Bathe plays the role of James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in Gotham, but unfortunately she's miscast to me as a cop. I wouldn't have liked it anyway and usually when I think someone is miscast as a cop or an fbi agent, I end up changing my mind. But I'll never know. All other characters fit perfectly but I can't see this show developing into something worthwhile.
Steve S.
02/21/22 at 01:38am

I think I'll try this with low expectations. I know Morena Baccarin from Gotham and elsewhere. I believe she's married to the Gotham straight guy (Ben). I see Morena's nemesis, Ryan Bathe (another journeywoman), has been in a lot of shows I haven't seen. For this here game, we shall see how serious is the drama.

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