The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

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Mar 11, 2022 - Apr 08, 2022


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Ptolemy - Samuel L. JacksonRobyn - Dominique FishbackDr. Rubin - Walton GogginsNiecie - Marsha Stephanie BlakeCoydog - Damon GuptonSensia - Cynthia McWilliamsReggie - Omar Benson MillerMoishe - Maury GinsbergAlison - JoAnn Willette

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A limited drama following a man with dementia who finds a treatment that can restore his memories.

Ptolemy Grey is an ailing man with dementia forgotten by his family, his friends, and even himself. After suddenly losing his trusted caretaker, he is assigned to the care of an orphaned teenager.

When they find out about a treatment that is able to restore Ptolemy's memories, it begins a journey that reveals shocking truths about the past, present, and future.

Based on the novel of the same name by Walter Mosley.

Comments (2)

03/11/22 at 06:50am

looks good, i'm going to check it out.
Steve S.
03/11/22 at 00:35am

In the preview his speech isn't like a person with dementia or someone who's been forgotten with only a caretaker. Maybe he's already had the "treatment", but still without memory. Whatever, he's too sharp for the story. But, I would watch at least an episode anyway if I had apple.

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