The Patient

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Aug 30, 2022 - Oct 25, 2022








Alan - Steve CarellSam - Domhnall GleesonCandace - Linda EmondCharlie - David Alan Grier

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A limited psychological thriller about a therapist who is held captive by a serial killer who wants his help.

Alan Strauss is a therapist who is held prisoner by his patient, Sam Fortner, who reveals himself to be a serial killer and wants his help to curb his homicidal urges.

To ensure his survival, Alan must tap into Sam's disturbed mind and stop him from killing again. Over the course of his imprisonment, Alan discovers not only how deep Sam's compulsion runs, but also how much work he has to do to repair the rift in his own family.

With time running out, Alan works desperately to stop Sam before he himself becomes complicit in Sam's murders - or worse, becomes a target.

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Steve S.
08/30/22 at 01:02am

Carell doesn't look like his usual smug self in this, possibly, but I still wouldn't chance it. I like Carell but for only a minute or two at a time, then I can't stand him. Like the trailer was fine, can't watch anything he headlines though. Did they say made by the creators of the Americans? Nice try but this ain't a killer spy thriller with Russell and Rhys.

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