The Pentaverate

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May 05, 2022








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A limited comedy about a secret society that influences world events.

In 1347, five men realized that the Black Plague was caused by fleas on rats. However, the Church believed that the Plague was God's punishment, and labeled these five men heretics. So they decided to form a benevolent secret society to influence world events for the greater good.

Comments (6)

John O.
05/15/22 at 01:49pm

Wasn't phishing, Steve. It was worded as if Mel was involved and I was only asking for clarification.
05/10/22 at 09:26am

OMG so stupid, barley made it thru the first episode and no more.
Steve S.
05/05/22 at 11:20pm

Funny that a phisher can't see a spoof.
Steve S.
05/05/22 at 12:33pm

Welcome first time John O. did you watch the trailer and still ask your question? It made me think of a Mel Brooks parody, some of which are great and some aren't. Do you not see any similarities between Brooks and Meyers parody's.
John O.
05/05/22 at 10:22am

Steve, what does it have to do with Mel Brooks?
Steve S.
05/05/22 at 00:47am

In 1347? Doesn't match the preview. Was it "In the Mind of Mike Meyers?" Looks like it could be the worst of Mel Brooks to me. Might be funny - the description (which somehow omits Mike Meyers) certainly was promising. But I haven't found Mike Meyers' to be interesting since his SNL days which is when I last liked him.

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