The Rookie: Feds

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Sep 27, 2022 - Present




Drama / Crime


Simone - Niecy NashCutty - Frankie FaisonMatthew - Felix SolisLaura - Britt Robertson

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A spinoff of 'The Rookie' following a woman who is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy.

Simone Clark is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy. When the bureau launches a new unit focused on spending more time on the streets, she steps forward to try and make a difference.

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11/01/22 at 05:13am

This show is the worst spin-off ever... Lame, lame, lame. saw a few episodes trying to give it a chance and what a fail!!!
Jim S
10/26/22 at 04:53pm

This is a really bad spin-off from a good original program. The Rookie is a great program. The Rookie FBI is terrible. Terrible writing, terrible acting. Add to that the grating sound of Niecy Nash's voice and you have a truely horrible show.

How they managed to turn a good premise into a 2022 update to the 1950s Amos and Andy is beyond understanding.

Cancel it already, Boo.
10/20/22 at 10:14pm

This show is so bad it's an embarrassment. Not surprising that Neicy Nash is one of the Exec Producers. It's a vanity show. The show destroys the suspension of disbelief and I find it unwatchable.
10/08/22 at 10:40am

I agree we see her bambams first around a corner and she makes sure we know it.
Her strutting, sassy mannerisms are entertaining.
But her sandpaper voice is a real turn off. My throat is sore just from listening to her.
10/05/22 at 07:19am

Not quite sure on this show just yet. The constant anti-police nonsense coming from Dad is already getting tiresome. And while TV should be a diversion from reality, I just don't see an FBI agent walking around with her b00bs spilling out of every outfit she wears. Not that I mind...
10/04/22 at 10:44am

I like it. It’s not just the typical cops and robbers. Neicy Nash makes me laugh. Give it a shot

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