The Rookie: Feds

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Sep 27, 2022 - May 02, 2023




Drama / Crime




Simone - Niecy NashCutty - Frankie FaisonMatthew - Felix SolisLaura - Britt Robertson

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A spinoff of 'The Rookie' following a woman who is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy.

Simone Clark is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy. When the bureau launches a new unit focused on spending more time on the streets, she steps forward to try and make a difference.

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Richard J. Blanco
05/03/24 at 11:38am

Network TV is a joke anybody who waste their time network TV. The best they can do is three weeks in a row with the new show then 3 to 4 weeks of reruns or no-show at all. I don’t want TV anymore because those guys in charge of the networks have no clue what they’re doing and ruin, decent TV shows I’m looking at this list of recent cancellations and it’s I could do a better job than these idiots on running network TV
04/16/24 at 08:02pm

I love any show that's fun, quirky and different and color outside the lines. That's what this show did. Cancell all these batchelor/batcheloreterette shows. That's a waste of time and good money. Invest in putting more diversity on your network like Asians, Latinos, Meditteraens/ East Indians/native Amercans, ec
Sassy Duck
11/22/23 at 07:23am

I don’t watch TV for any social redeeming value (I’d rather do that from reading books). I watch it purely for entertainment. True. The show doesn’t realistically portray the FBI, but it’s fun. And, it beats the majority of the garbage that’s out there. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You have choices. So, suck it up Buttercups. None of us want to hear your whining.
11/10/23 at 09:02am

I don't think this is a great show or a bad show, but I watch it. And I think the network didn't want to make this show gritty like Chicago PD that's why they chose this cast . Haters get a life and stop picking on the hot thick lady.
Douglas Jr.
11/07/23 at 11:08am

I honestly love the quirky cast. I love a black female lead and co leads. I love the fast pace vibe. I think this show is fantastic and will keep growing into its audience as seasons progress. Thank you ABC! Everyone has their own opinion which is wonderful and my opinion is that this show is stellar and im excited for more post strike!
11/07/23 at 11:06am

KEEP IT ON AIR!!!!!!!!!!! please and thank you
10/25/23 at 05:59pm

Good news! The show is coming back but not until 2024 because of the writer's strike. It's not officially confirmed, but ABC did hint that it most likely would return in 2024!
10/09/23 at 01:57pm

Charles, I don't think so. I think that the cross - overs are a fantastic idea. It shows how both the Feds & the Cops can work together on cases. Since we never see this in real time. Even though it's made for television, it's actually good for people who are considering on joining law enforcement.
07/06/23 at 07:36am

@Chrissy, I completely agree. This is a fun show that got better as the season progressed.

@Eileen Morrison, @Opus, @Anna, @Robin, @AJS, @Bill, @Jake, @Jim, @Michael, SERIOUSLY?!? Why are you all so focused on Nash’s breasts and voice? If you don’t like a show, don’t watch. But from your comments it appears that this isn’t just about the show, but rather about a strong black woman that doesn’t fit your idea of what a leasing lady should look out sounds like. One of the purposes of the show is to break down perceptions of what people need to look/act like in a given situation. Watch out, your close mindedness is showing.
06/27/23 at 02:16pm

If they don't cancel this, the regular show The Rookie will lose viewers because of cross overs. I have cancelled my recordings of the Rookie several times when this happens. The second show will pull down Fillian's ratings.

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