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Sep 27, 2022 - Present




Drama / Crime


Simone - Niecy NashCutty - Frankie FaisonMatthew - Felix SolisLaura - Britt Robertson

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A spinoff of 'The Rookie' following a woman who is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy.

Simone Clark is the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy. When the bureau launches a new unit focused on spending more time on the streets, she steps forward to try and make a difference.

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02/28/23 at 09:42am

Will keep this short... so hoping ABC will do the same with the lifespan of this TV show.
Eileen Morrison
02/21/23 at 06:50pm

I don’t like the show either; primarily because of neocon Nash. I don’t see very much acting; she is being herself and I also hate her boobs hanging out like they are the star of the show. Get them reduced or dress more appropriately. He voice is irritating as well. And I think the concept of “rookie” has been lost.
02/20/23 at 01:11pm

Much as I love The Rookie and Nathan Fillion, the choices being made to push The Rookie: Feds are terrible ones. Nash is horrible in any role that's not based on comedy and an FBI show is not in her realm. She's TERRIBLE at it. Her clothing choices are completely ridiculous for the role she's playing. Even if she WERE undercover those wouldn't require tube tops that are barely there either. I couldn't watch after the second episode because she's too over-the-top and unfit for this role. The premise might've worked if they had a different actress but not with this one.
02/18/23 at 05:51am

My wife told me I had to watch this just to see how bad it is. She woefully understated how truly terrible it is.
02/15/23 at 11:26am

Terrible, terrible, terrible.
1. Get Niecy voice lessons so she sounds like an FBI agent.
2. Dress her appropriately as an FBI agent.
3. Cut her fingernails. Her nail extentions are so long she couldn't fit her finger past the trigger guard.
4. Bill has it wrong. Niecy doesn't look like she's undercover as a hooker. She looks like a hooker undercover as a FBI agent.

It's too bad some decent actors have their careers tied to this piece of crap. I hope their careers survive this show.

Just cancel it already.
02/02/23 at 05:35pm

I guess I'm the only one here who loves this show. I don't care if it's unrealistic. I absolutely love N. Nash, and I think she's great in this role. I love her personality. Hope it gets renewed for Season 2. I can't stand the new show, Will Trent. Now that is a stinker!
01/31/23 at 07:24pm

I don't like this series. I first saw N. Nash in Reno 911!, and the entire cast fit the humor of that series. In Feds, I just find the prime character really annoying.

Also, perhaps there are just too many FBI-based tv series right now.
01/30/23 at 09:08pm

This is really a stinker show. Now they put the original Rookie right before it on the same night. I deleted the cross over episode as soon as she appeared in the Rookie a couple of weeks ago.
01/11/23 at 08:33am

This is the worst show on TV right now. Bad casting of the female lead, horrible wardrobe choices as others have said. It should be cancelled. The Rookie is a good show, but this spinoff is awful.
01/09/23 at 10:42pm

I love "The Rookie", and I want to like this show, but as others have mentioned it is over the top unrealistic. It has possibility, but they need to dial it back a few hundred percent, and not make these two new Rookie Feds almost cartoon superheroes. On the "dial it back" front...could Niecy Nash please work with a wardrobe consultant to find clothes that fit her. I'm a straight married guy with no problem with boobs...but PLEASE cover her up! She looks like she's undercover as a hooker most of the time! If you include Kevin Zegers it looks like there are four rookies rather than two...geez! James Lesure is a great actor, and I'm liking Felix Solis and Britt Robertson, but unless they make huge changes, it's not going to finish out its first season...

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