The Suspect

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Nov 03, 2022 - Present


Drama / Crime


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A thriller following a psychologist who is implicated in a murder.

Doctor Joe O'Loughlin is a clinical psychologist who appears to have the perfect life. He has a great family and a publishing deal.

When a young woman is found in a shallow grave in a West London cemetery, a veteran officer and his young partner are assigned to the case. Has the victim been murdered or was it suicide? As a successful author, Doctor Joe is sought for his help with profiling.

But does Joe have something to hide? His recent diagnosis with a debilitating illness could explain his odd behavior. As the investigation into the woman's death heats up, could it be that Joe's background as a clinical psychologist allowed him to develop a criminal mindset? Or something worse?

Based on the novel by Michael Robotham.

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Steve S.
11/03/22 at 03:14am

This one very British. I searched to see if I get this series but, no, I'm only regular Sundance (I didn't want to watch anyway).

There are, count em, seven films titled "The Suspect" and two of those even came out in the same year (2013). Add the "The Suspects" film to these and you got eight.I have no idea which ones are good. You could also watch "The Usual Suspects" which is on Roger Eberts "most hated" list.

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