The Undeclared War

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Aug 18, 2022








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A limited British thriller following a team of analysts working to fight cyber-attacks ahead of an election.

In 2024, a leading team of analysts deep in the heart of GCHQ secretly work to ward off a series of cyber-attacks on the UK in the run up to a general election.

When a routine stress test of Internet infrastructure goes awry, 21-year-old intern Saara Parvan finds herself operating on the invisible frontier of high-stakes cyber warfare.

In a thrilling game of cat and mouse, Saara and the team fight to stay one step ahead of their opponents' every hidden move. The clock is ticking as a battle with high stakes and unpredictable enemies takes place entirely online, where the consequences are very real.

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Steve S.
08/18/22 at 03:58pm

Well Jim, China and Russia are probably responsible for 90% of internet attacks (outside of China and Russia). China probably has a dossier on you and me. Seriously.

The USA is also having an election 2024 and the chicanery has already begun. I wouldn't want to watch a series about us - too painful. I'm not liking the same old. Sure hope we get at least one good candidate, but I fear not. For tv, I'd rather watch the nasty Brits.
jim beam
08/01/22 at 02:37am

too l8 already been show on brit tv and its very good typical show about how poor and slow we are at dealing with cyber attacks and always blaming russia or

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