Tom Swift

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May 31, 2022 - Aug 02, 2022


The CW






Tom - Tian RichardsZenzi - Ashleigh MurrayIsaac - Marquise VilsónBarclay - LeVar BurtonRowan - Albert Mwangi

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A mystery drama inspired by the book series of the same name.

Tom Swift is a charming and brilliant inventor with unlimited resources who has his world turned upside down after his father disappears. This thrusts Tom into an adventure full of conspiracies and unexplained phenomena.

While on his quest to reveal the truth, Tom finds himself up against an Illuminati-scale cabal that wants to stop him at all costs. Helping him on his treacherous pursuit are his best friend Zenzi, his bodyguard Isaac, and his AI, Barclay.

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01/26/23 at 08:35am

I agree with Brian R. I'm glad this show bit the dust. I really hate that everything has to have that 'gay' element in it. I don't mind it so much but does it have to be in EVERY cotton picking thing???? Plus the show just simply sucks.
Brian R
08/02/22 at 07:01pm

Me, my wife and my 14 year old son gave this show a try. My wife and son gave up after the first episode. Said they were obviously trying hard to gay it up. Didn't appreciate the insinuated gay sex at his father's funeral with some rando. Really?
I tried the second episode. They just hit all the woke sex buzzwords in the first 5 min. Made sure to talk about his gayness and talking about some rando admirer that could be gay, trans or bi. Just WAY, way too much focus on his alternative love life. I'm not homophobic, nor really care about a person's sex life, but Really not necessary to constantly put it in the viewers face.
I can see why this tanked so fast. Go woke, go broke.
07/21/22 at 04:30pm

This show was horrible. I couldn't even watch the whole first episode.
05/31/22 at 07:41am

It's now the afternoon of the 31st so this hasn't aired yet.Maybe you live in Australia?

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