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Nov 13, 2022 - Present




Drama / Crime


Dwight - Sylvester StalloneArmand - Max CasellaChickie - Domenick LombardozziVince - Vincent PiazzaTyson - Jay WillThe Rock - A.C. PetersonStacy - Andrea SavageBohdi - Martin StarrMitch - Garrett Hedlund

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A drama following a mobster out to reestablish his mafia family in Oklahoma.

Dwight "The General" Manfredi is a New York mafia capo who is fresh out of prison after serving a 25-year sentence. When his boss exiles him to Tulsa, Oklahoma to set up operations, Dwight starts to feel pushed aside, and sets out to establish a new criminal empire with a crew of his own.

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03/20/23 at 06:15am

Stallone's performance is stellar in this. He is solid and what we've come to expect from him. I also think the actress who plays the FBI agent delivers a good performance. And who doesn't love Domenic Lombardozzi! However, I'm not a fan of Dana Delaney. I would have loved to see Katie Segal in that role instead. Looking forward to Season 2.
01/26/23 at 06:44am

FIRST OFF: you get the best viewing experience with VPN and Brave Browser. setting it to deny all trackers, ads, etc. So the quality of the stream was perfect.

Second. I have a hatred for Italian mafioso type people. I enjoy movies. Like Good Fellows, Scarface. This show didn't have the lackluster of The untouchables or the deep-routed Godfather vibe. However, Stallone delivered a performance that carried some of the lesser actors and saw the plot through with a balanced spectrum of Yin and Yang. A little good and a little bad. But all about the "It's not the blood, it's the choice" family.

I can not wait to see season two. yet I am skeptical about the delivery. Season two is always the trifecta of the direction shows go in. On the one hand, it will flame out and die after the first couple of episodes. On the other hand, it can turn out to be like Grey's Anatomy where it just got juicier until about the 6 season when it became a cookie cutter better than daytime drama pukefest. Or on the table, it will surprise us with a whole new set of circumstances.

However, I am rarely wrong in my assumptions of how shows turn out. With chickie being the soulless scuzzbucket and his lackey who is the vermin stuck to the bottom of the shoe, being sent back to New York with his tail between his legs, this could become a repeat of vengeance and shootout ending with one or two people exiting the show. Just to keep people engrossed in the intense drama.

Stallone will end up getting out of the bind, the FBI agent will disappear for her betrayal after he gets a word in. The rest is just subplot and clutter.

11/29/22 at 00:51am

Jimmy I can see your comment from the 22nd and it has been showing since that day. What browser/platform are you using?
Jimmy O
11/29/22 at 00:19am

I left a long comment on this item about a week ago, but it's still not posted. Why not? It said the editors would review it, but There was nothing objectionable in the post - no bad language, nothing but praise for Stallone and my opinion that two episodes do not constitute a "season."
Jimmy O
11/22/22 at 05:41am

No fair if they pull the plug so soon! Two episodes? Since when is that a "season?" Stallone has such a huge presence onscreen, I think the show could be a hit with even mediocre writing he's so good. On the other end of the energy spectrum is Guilfoyle from 'Silicon Valley,' I think his name is Martin Starr, and his character here is so un-re-lentingly low-key - so much so and so different from the sarcastic Guilfoyle, I can't wait to see what he's gonna be. I just hope the writers remember one of the simplest lessons about protagonists in TV shows: Viewers can warm to a wide variety of lead character personalities, but one thing that'll turn them off is a lead who's violent to lesser characters who don't deserve it. I sure hope they don't go that direction anymore, cause I've got high hopes for this show. ALSO, they're setting up for some substantial female characters and themes, something you don't see as much anymore. SLY, you got a wife and daughters? They deserve a show like this one that's going to pay real attention to it's female characters. So maybe take a nap or two in your trailer if you have to, but give us a few more episodes please!
Steve S.
11/13/22 at 03:39pm

Apparently this is on regular Paramount too. I'm recording it and I hope it isn't a trap. "Go West, Old Man" S1 E1
Steve S.
11/13/22 at 04:37am

This will have to be Expendable to me since I only get the crappy Paramount-. Else I'd watch the grisly old menace with friends.

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