All the Light We Cannot See

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Nov 02, 2023








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A limited drama based on the award-winning novel of the same name.

Over the course of a decade, the lives of Marie-Laure Leblanc, a blind French girl taking refuge with her uncle during WWII, and Werner Pfennig, an brilliant German teenager with an expertise in radio repair, are interwoven. Through a shared secret connection, they find faith in humanity and the possibility of hope.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Anthony Doer.

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Steve S.
11/10/23 at 02:10am

"A" - yet another lame handle by a lame person. "there will be some people who will try to compare to a small light" - what a lame dimwit to write that after what I wrote. "it was a true story" - no way - real historical people totally fictionalized - how dumb are you? "psycho drama is absolutely absurd" -it is100% psychological drama and a lot of people liked it even if I didn't like the stuff they made up to try to make it interesting. What a pitiful soul you are. A turned out to be F.
11/03/23 at 11:35am

This is a very good show! Im sure there will be some who will try to compare to a small light,also very good, but don't, they are 2 very different story lines. Also, to refer to a small light as a psycho drama is absolutely absurd, it was a true story about very real people during a horrible time in history and should be seen with heartache and sorrow
Steve S.
11/02/23 at 03:47am

Totally different but with obvious congruities to A Small Light (Nat Geo series with stories related to nazis, Anne Frank, and Amsterdam), and with a strong lead actress, which I watched a few episodes of but then bailed as the story morphed into psycho drama with effects that didn't interest me. Maybe I should have tried this instead but I don't get netflix.

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