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Feb 16, 2023 - Present






Frank - Joel McHaleShred - Michael RowlandEmily - Vella LovellAmit - Ravi Patel

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A workplace comedy following a group of local animal control workers.

Frank is an opinionated animal control officer who used to be a cop but got fired for trying to expose corruption in his department. He has a near superhuman ability to understand animals. But humans - that's another story.

Frank is assigned a new partner, Fred "Shred" Taylor, an optimistic rookie. They both report to their sweet-natured and awkward boss Emily. Also in the precinct are Amit and Victoria, partners who could not be more opposite. Rounding out the precinct is veterinarian Dr. Summers, receptionist Dolores, and Templeton, an animal control officer from a neighboring precinct with a real chip on his shoulder.

Comments (8)

03/07/24 at 10:18am

Love it. The entire cast is great! So glad it got a season 2.
05/05/23 at 08:10am

Joel McHale is great as well as the rest of the cast. Really funny. Reminds me of Arrested Development type of humor.
04/06/23 at 05:54pm

Love this show - Joel NEVER disappoints. Great supporting cast and funny banter. Animals are too cute (although some of the graphics could be better). Hoping for a season 2!
03/24/23 at 05:17am

Love this show so I'm sure it'll be canceled. Every episode has had at least one scene where I had to pause it because I was laughing so much.
03/04/23 at 03:53pm

UGH -- where to begin. I had high hopes for this show because of Joel McHale. And I was familiar with some of the other cast members and thought it would be funny. Unfortunately I did not find it so. It's very scripted to get laughs, and too mean spirited for a comedy. The office manager is annoying and out of line. The animals were cute, but the bunny episode was absurd. I watched 2 episodes, and then deleted it from my recording schedule.
02/21/23 at 11:18pm

i feel bad for Joel and even worse for the guy from Mr.D. that was such awesome series. but this show it's gonna be cancelled as fast as any new years resolution gym membership in february...
Steve S.
02/16/23 at 08:38am

I might watch one. Possibilities for the show's premise are hopping but the chances of them getting it right don't look good.
02/14/23 at 02:54pm

It looked okay in the previews. Not sure if I'm really interested.

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