Class of '09

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May 10, 2023 - Jun 21, 2023




Drama / Crime




Tayo - Brian Tyree HenryPoet - Kate Mara

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A limited thriller following a class of FBI agents at three distinct points in time.

Set in three distinct points in time, a class of FBI agents grapple with significant changes as the U.S. criminal justice system is altered by artificial intelligence.

Told across interweaving timelines over multiple decades, the series examines the nature of justice, humanity, and the choices people make that ultimately define their lives and legacy.

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05/29/23 at 06:15am

I had high hopes for this show, but it's just another social justice pile of crap.
Steve S.
05/10/23 at 04:15am

Is it about AI or not? Social justice? Personal political justice? Thriller?

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