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May 25, 2023 - Present




Comedy / Action


Luke - Arnold SchwarzeneggerEmma - Monica BarbaroCarter - Jay BaruchelTina - Aparna BrielleDonnie - Andy BuckleyRuth - Fortune Feimster

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An action comedy following an aging CIA operative who returns to the field for one last job.

Luke Brunner is a CIA operative who is about to retire until he discovers a hidden family secret that forces him to go back into the field for one final job.

Comments (2)

06/13/23 at 01:40pm

True Lies meets Get Smart. It started off looking interesting and fun, but it is just the same story line over and over and over; Find the Bad Guy, show how our personal issues get in the way we do our job, bad guy escapes, repeat next show. Too bad.
Steve S.
05/25/23 at 02:16am

It's always one final job. I expect it to be good and funny, not plenty. Not Arnold's last job.

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