I Survived Bear Grylls

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May 18, 2023 - Present






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A competition series that tests the abilities of rookie survivors.

Survivalist Bear Grylls and comedian Jordan Conley host this competition series where rookie survivors are given wilderness simulated challenges that test their smarts, physicality, and ability to adapt and do whatever it takes to survive - including having to eat and drink some questionable survival food. The final contestant standing at the end of each episode can claim 'I Survived Bear Grylls' and win a cash prize.

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Steve S.
05/18/23 at 00:48am

I watched two full episodes of his previous series (because of the celebrity involved) and I have no plans to watch any of this.

I found this (@fox-news.com) interesting:

Survivalist Bear Grylls admitted he is now "embarrassed" by his previous vegan diet, admitting he was wrong to think that it was good for his health or the environment.

Grylls, who previously practiced both a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, recently revealed that he has begun switching to a diet consisting entirely of red meat, eggs and organ meat. Prior to this, he went so far as to publish a cookbook "Fuel for Life" that attacked society’s "unnatural ways of breeding, keeping and killing animals." But Wednesday, however, the adventurist told The UK Telegraph that he was "wrong" to attack meat.

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