I Woke Up a Vampire

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Oct 17, 2023 - Present




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A kids series following a young girl who suddenly gains supernatural powers.

Carmie Henley wakes up on her 13th birthday to find out she suddenly has supernatural abilities like enhanced strength, super speed, the ability to float... and fangs. With help from her best friend, Carmie discovers that she is a Vampling: half human and half vampire. She also soon learns that with her new powers come new enemies, who could be hunting her at any time.

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04/04/24 at 01:06pm

So sick and tired of these WOKE stories. When will hollywood learn we are done with woke crap???
04/04/24 at 08:42am

There are absolutely NO original vampire stories anymore. Its just not possible. Vampires have been done to death like Keith said. Nothing new can be added to vampire media.
12/14/23 at 11:27am

I didn't expect much of this show and I must admit its kinda childish most times - but then again. I'm not the target for it.

But in general it was okay and I hope they make a season 2. I like the energy of Kaileen Angelic Chang, who plays Carmie. They can write out Dylan Helsing for all I care. I was annoyed with him most times...
Just Keith
10/17/23 at 01:34pm

Vampires have been done to DEATH.
Please move on.

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