Jeopardy! Masters

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May 08, 2023 - Present




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A primetime game show featuring six returning Jeopardy! champions.

Six iconic fan-favorite Jeopardy! champions return to the Alex Trebek stage to face their toughest competition yet - each other - in a league-style tournament focused on earning points for wins. But only one will be crowned the ultimate champion, walking away with the $500,000 grand prize and the Trebek Trophy.

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05/20/23 at 04:59am

Awesome show. Jeopardy Masters has been excellent. The players are serious about the game but also making it a fun time for viewers. James is mildly obnoxious but brilliant and very hard to beat. Mattea is the pride of the Canadian side and Sam is someone everyone wants to know. Love Andrew, Matt and Amy. They have all been a joy to watch.
04/17/23 at 02:42pm

Sorry, but no. I've lost respect for regular "Jeopardy!" especially after the passing of Alex Trebek. This looks like a gimmick the producers came up with.

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