Living for the Dead

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Oct 18, 2023 - Present




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An unscripted series where ghost hunters explore haunted locations in search of untold stories.

From the creators of 'Queer Eye' comes this unscripted series where five fabulous, queer ghost hunters traverse the country on a mission to help the living by healing the dead. They explore some of the most infamous haunted locations in the world, shedding light on those not seen and illuminating untold stories in order to bring acceptance to the misunderstood - living and dead.

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10/18/23 at 03:32pm

“Woke” is such an overused word. Don’t like something? Must be woke! People who this word are lazy smucks that have trouble expressing their real feelings. Having said all that, this show looks terrible!
10/18/23 at 02:12am

Documentary????? Lies all lies, not diverse enough!!lol
jim beam
09/30/23 at 02:31am

please cancel now this looks total woke crap.."not scripted" total and utter bull everything is scripted....poor kids watching this...

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