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Oct 18, 2023 - Present






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A courtroom series where comedian Ms. Pat presides over real cases.

Ms. Pat assembles a jury made up of her closest friends, family members, and guest stars to take on real cases where genuine relationships are affected.

While Ms. Pat does not hold a legal degree, she delivers candid, humorous, and heartfelt judgments over cases where everyday people deal with real-life problems willingly accept her verdict as binding.

Cases include financial disputes, romantic entanglements, roommate disputes, neighborly conflicts, and many other issues. Ms. Pat and her jury are on a mission to set things right in cases where an underlying issue has driven the litigants to their breaking points.

Comments (7)

T Mac
04/06/24 at 09:41am

Cancel Ms. Pat Settles It. Not her realm of TV.
02/24/24 at 02:56am

Please renew Ms Pat Settles It love the show and there is no drama name calling are screening at each other pure humor I love the show
01/16/24 at 05:29pm

Put the show back on and take some of the other repetitive shows off like the Neighborhood, Meet the Browns and Assisted Living
01/16/24 at 05:26pm

I love Ms Pat Settles It, Put it back on please
Ms D
01/10/24 at 10:00pm

Is Ms Pat settles it cancelled the last show was 12/20/23. Is it airing on another network thanks for the update
11/12/23 at 08:34am

Funny, just can’t get past the fakeness but I guess that’s all reality tv is now days
10/18/23 at 02:13am

FAKE show!!

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