NCIS: Sydney

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Nov 14, 2023 - Present




Drama / Crime


Michelle - Olivia SwannJD - Todd LasanceDeShawn - Sean SagarEvie - Tuuli NarkleBlue - Mavournee HazelRoy - William McInnes

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A first international spin-off of the NCIS franchise.

With international tensions rising in the Indo-Pacific, an eclectic, specialized team of U.S. NCIS agents work alongside the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in a multinational taskforce to investigate naval crimes in the world's most contested area of the ocean.

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05/06/24 at 02:58pm

Totally agree with the comments. Olivia Swann was definitely a bad choice as lead. Not happy that NCIS Hawaii is being cancelled, yet NCIS Sydney is getting another season. BOO.

There is a ton of potential, but need to do a huge shake up. Promote Michelle off somewhere. Change around the department and bring in a goof, like DiNozzo. Basically make the group to be like NCIS from the beginning with an Australian accent.
05/05/24 at 10:31am

Just not a fan of this series …I tried I really did…. But a female lead just doesn’t do it…. And I don’t think there’s any chemistry between the actors,,,, All in all, I don’t think I’ll continue watching
01/17/24 at 03:55pm

Something isn't coming together with this series. I'm unfamiliar with the cast, which apparently doesn't even have a native U.S. person, although the one's play USA citizens or NCIS personnel have ok accents. I do like actors Sagar and Hazel, and the rest are good. Perhaps it's the writing or stories and not just the cast. I'm only watching it as it's available, but it's just not very interesting to me.
01/10/24 at 06:57am

Endearing show, but Olivia Swann is totally miscast.
Steve G
01/04/24 at 07:12am

The woman with the Butt cheek face makes it hard to watch..
12/08/23 at 06:00pm

Just watched the first 4 seasons. It's a good premise and has some potential. But the cast needs a lot of work. I don't mind the top 2 but the rest is just awful. Not sure if it's bad writing, bad acting or both. They might want to see if any of the cast from NCIS New Orleans are still looking for work.
12/06/23 at 12:29pm

This version is truly a disappointment as compared to the other NCIS shows. They need to make the cast more interactive and interesting. Having someone narrate what is happening with each scene is extremely distracting and if it continues with future shows I will no longer watch the Sydney series.
12/01/23 at 01:37pm

NCIS Sydney is not living up to the other NCIS shows. The group does not work together. The little computer nerd is endearing, but needs to show more self confidence. All in all not a good show so far.
11/17/23 at 04:27pm

Has potential, but Swann and Lasance have about as much charisma as hemorrhoids .

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