Red Rose

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Feb 15, 2023 - Present




Drama / Horror


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A British horror series following a group of teens threatened by a mysterious app.

When Rochelle downloads a mysterious app called Red Rose, her plans for the summer change. When the app blooms on the phones of her ragtag crew of friends, they must survive a summer of terror after the app threatens them with dangerous consequences if they don't meet its demands.

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02/22/23 at 08:17am

I love horror and enjoy teengage dramas so I expected this to be really good. Unfortunately, the characters are so unlikeable that I could barely tolerate an entire episode. Then there was the way the app manipulated their phone with the text messages. Utterly ridiculous. Communication is key here. This could have been so much better but I had to tap out. Just wasn't worth the time.
Steve S.
02/15/23 at 05:44am

New wave beat - Berlin? Solid teenager plot with heavy Brit accents. Bonafide horror for me.

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