Snake Oil

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Sep 27, 2023 - Present




Host - David Spade

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A game show where contestants must determine real products from fake ones.

David Spade hosts this game show where contestants are pitched unique products by convincing entrepreneurs – some of whom are presenting real business ventures, while others are showcasing fake products.

With help from guest celebrity advisors, contestants are tasked with determining which products are real and which are made up, for a chance to take home a cash prize.

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Steve S.
09/27/23 at 01:23am

Could be good but I think it was Lights Out when I last saw Spade (as host of his own creation) and it was crap. Hopefully it's more like Sharks oil and the ancient classic celebrity game shows and not like the crass lowbrow peacocky oil that regularly flows these days. The kind we have to be careful not to step in.
09/06/23 at 02:24pm

This show looked good in the previews and I'm willing to give it a try.

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