Son of a Critch

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Jul 24, 2023 - Present


The CW




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A Canadian comedy telling the real story of a 12-year-old coming of age in Newfoundland in the 1980s.

Mark Critch is a young boy living in St. John's, Newfoundland. He is much older inside than the typical 12-year-old - using comedy and self-deprecation to win friends and connect with the small group of people in his limited world.

Based on comedian Mark Critch's award-winning, best-selling memoir.

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08/23/23 at 11:04pm

I like this show very much! I'm from USA, but love Canada and their different points of view. This show is funny culturally, geographically, and from a Catholic school point of view. All very different, and thus interesting point of view. Go Critch!
Grizz Lee Bear
06/28/23 at 06:06am

This show is funny. I've seen season 1 and 2 hope season 3 is on its way. Most all the Canadian shows I've seen in the last few years have been far superior to the US crap coming out.
06/08/23 at 02:30pm

I'll pass on this one. It did not seem very funny to me and any attempts at humor looked to be cringe-inducing. Maybe the Canadians have a different sense of humor than us Americans.

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