Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test

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Jan 04, 2023 - Present






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A reality series where celebrities take on demanding training exercises.

Sixteen celebrities from various fields tackle a series of demanding training exercises led by an elite team of ex-special forces operatives.

The only way for the recruits to leave is to decide to give up, through failure or potential injury, or by force from the Directing Staff.

The recruits face the harshest of environments that simulate the highly classified selection process, pushing themselves in a way they have never been challenged before.

Comments (2)

Ben D.
03/02/23 at 12:03pm

Seriously!?!? Hannah Brown? There is no way she should have passed! Carli Lloyd? When it started, I thought maybe she had a chance, but she failed about 75% of the tests!
Steve S.
01/04/23 at 01:10am

Please stop the reality inundation.

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