Star Wars: Ahsoka

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Aug 22, 2023 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Ahsoka - Rosario DawsonSabine - Natasha Liu BordizzoHera - Mary Elizabeth WinsteadBaylan - Ray StevensonShin - Ivanna SakhnoMorgan - Diana Lee InosantoHuyang - David TennantThrawn - Lars MikkelsenEzra - Eman Esfandi

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A drama following a former Jedi Knight investigating an emerging threat to the galaxy.

After the fall of the Empire, former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano embarks on an investigation of an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

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11/14/23 at 05:10pm

eh... not a keeper
08/22/23 at 04:26am

Not a fan of the character at all.....
Steve S.
08/22/23 at 00:39am

To the jb "likes men" loser - If you're gonna be a pure anonymous twit so much, don't copy and use less lame mousy handles.
jim beam likes men
08/02/23 at 07:39pm

=jim beam...would you rather see transgenders up there? yeah...women are good.
jim beam
07/30/23 at 02:07am

woke much
looks like this one if for the women......disney sucks

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