The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

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Apr 27, 2023








Narrator - Amy Poehler

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An unscripted series where people get the chance to sort out their lives.

Eight people at different stages of their lives are given the chance to sort out their home, life, and relationships before it's too late. An organizer, designer, and psychologist from Sweden - collectively known as the 'Death Cleaners' - come to America to help these people reinvent themselves by facing their mortality, speaking honestly about death, and confronting all the useless stuff that has been collecting dust for years.

Inspired by the bestselling book by Margareta Magnusson.

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07/05/23 at 09:15pm

I found this series on accident while out on medical leave. I NEED THESE PEOPLE TO HELP ME!! I have such an emotional attachment to everything that I have inherited from my family as well as things I've acquired in my life. I totally relate to these people.
Steve S.
04/27/23 at 01:29pm

Reality death???
Not even going to suffer through the preview. Once upon a long long time ago I liked Amy Poehler.

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