The Spencer Sisters

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Oct 04, 2023 - Dec 13, 2023


The CW


Drama / Comedy




Victoria - Lea ThompsonDarby - Stacey Farber

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A Canadian dramedy following a mother and daughter who tackle puzzling cases in Alder Bluffs.

Police officer Darby and her mystery novelist mother Victoria have opposite personalities but still team up on the unlikely venture of becoming partners in a private detective agency.

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05/28/24 at 01:41pm

It was a great show! Don’t listen to EyeofLove. It was quirky and refreshing.
10/05/23 at 12:12pm

It was a great pilot. I loved it. The name The Spencer sisters is very strange and confusing, because they are not sisters they are mother and daughter. It should be called the Spencer women. :)
10/04/23 at 04:13pm

@EveOfLove Thanks for reviewing Canadian shows. I know a lot of them are coming down the pipe and it will be good to get a head's up. I love Family Law, Nurses, and Transplant.
07/27/23 at 09:59am

Meh... season 1 (10 eps) already aired here in Canada on CTV. Disappointing show considering the cast, but not unwatchable.

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