The Swarm

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Sep 12, 2023 - Present


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi


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A thriller where humankind battles an unknown swarm intelligence residing at the bottom of the sea.

As unnatural behavior in marine animals begins causing upheaval across the world, a discovery is made that in the depths of the sea lives a collective intelligence that has suffered the ravages of civilization on its habitat and has decided to fight back. A global group of scientists must now unite to tackle one of the biggest challenges humankind has ever faced.

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Brian R
01/29/24 at 05:56pm

This was the most boring show I've ever seen. NOTHING ever happens. Total waste of time. No surprise it was cancelled.
The Punisher
09/12/23 at 05:45pm

This was already shown last winter on cable and cancelled. The cw is dead showing nothing but repeats, sports and reality tv, nothing i watch.
Steve S.
09/12/23 at 00:52am

I'm done with this! (cw actually) (although) It was cbs that cancelled Threshold after one season dammit. It starred Carla Gugino, Charles Dutton, Brent Spiner, and guested Jeffrey Donovan. They didn't even air all the episodes. I'm still pissed so I'm not watching this clone dammit.
Nathalie Weijers
09/06/23 at 12:25pm

Looking good!

They would probably do best if they would make this a one, maximum two seasons show.
So that has a proper ending to the story and doesn't drag on.
Otherwise, knowing the CW a bit, it will most certainly get cancelled anyway.

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