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Apr 07, 2023 - Present






Mary Jayne - Gillian JacobsAlbert - Lucas EnglanderVarian - Cory Michael SmithGraham - Corey Stoll

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A WWII drama about two Americans who helped form a rescue operation for artists in Marseille.

In 1940, Varian Fry traveled to Marseille carrying $3,000 and a list of imperiled artists and writers he hoped to help escape within a few weeks. Instead he stayed more than a year, working to obtain false documents, gather emergency funds, and arrange journeys across Spain and Portugal, where the refugees would embark for safer ports.

Based on the novel 'The Flight Portfolio' by Julie Orringer.

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06/17/23 at 05:07am

Good series but way over the top on male gay scenes. Why is this more and more becoming what you have to watch to see an otherwise desirable program.

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