Tribunal Justice

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Jun 09, 2023 - Present


Reality / Legal


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A reality court series featuring a panel of three judges adjudicating real cases.

A panel of three judges - Judge Patricia DiMango, Judge Tanya Acker, and Judge Adam Levy - adjudicate real and compelling cases. This is followed by a spirited deliberation, where the judges don't always agree - which often makes for an exciting verdict.

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Anita Calloway
06/04/24 at 06:31pm

Judge Levy is a bully. Yelling at the people to apparently prove how knowledgeable he is.
Anthony secora
10/25/23 at 10:45pm

C is so right. 3 media wannabes acting like the stooges. They are demeaning, just as producer JUDY (embarrising) but much less than her boy ,tries to intimidate people. Adams rants look like a drag version of JUDY. JUST BAD TV . GET A REAL JOB ADAM. JUDGE DiMango is the only semi authentic professional. ACKER………HA HA HA. Find a sitcom….you’re pretty.
09/15/23 at 06:50pm

This show is a joke. 3 judges seeking to demean and devalue people. They act if they are perfect and it is clear they often disagree and are acting out of emotion. Would like to hear more about what the law actually says. And Adam him looking for the cameras when he goes into his rant! Get rid of this show. Hot bench is much more enjoyable without the showmanship of Acker and DiMango.

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