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Mar 30, 2023 - Present






Ellis - Rob LoweJackson - John Owen LoweAnna - Sian CliffordLuna - Rachel MarshRuby - Emma FerreiraMalcolm - Aaron Branch

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A comedy following an introvert who returns home to help his eccentric father save the family business.

Ellis Dragon is an eccentric biotech entrepreneur working to make the world a better place; but he has also been in an emotional free-fall after the death of his wife. His son Jackson is more of a grounded introvert who has had trouble living in his dad's shadow.

To save the family business from impending disaster, Jackson returns home to help the company while Ellis' employees continue to work on their potentially world-changing technology. Can Jackson salvage the estranged relationship he has with his dad while also escaping his shadow?

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sharon l
04/01/23 at 03:08pm

binge watched the whole thing, I liked it and want more
Steve S.
03/30/23 at 08:20pm

That was awful pathetic. Too low and two Lowes - didn't know Rob had a son if that's him. Both into trash.

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