Who is Erin Carter?

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Aug 24, 2023








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A limited drama following a woman whose secret past is exposed after a supermarket robbery.

Erin Carter is a British school teacher whose tranquil life in Barcelona is turned upside down when an armed robbery at a supermarket exposes her secret - and violent - past. Now she must fight off a criminal underworld in order to protect her daughter.

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Just Keith
08/24/23 at 07:56am

Been done to DEATH
08/24/23 at 06:26am

I thought this was a documentary for a second about Aaron Carter until I realized the spelling of Erin....
Steve S.
08/24/23 at 02:17am

I'd give it a try even though it's a highly familiar, tried and trusted formula. Tiny women kicks butt. More than twice as phony as all the little men who are bad asses. But it's what tv's for.

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