Far North

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Feb 15, 2024 - Present


Drama / Crime


Ed - Temuera MorrisonHeather - Robyn Malcolm

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A limited New Zealand drama following a couple who unwittingly become involved in a drug deal gone wrong.

Diesel mechanic Ed and his aqua-aerobics instructor wife Heather lead a quiet life with their beloved dogs in the Far North. After a Tongan-Australian gang's lucrative drug deal with a global cartel goes awry, they're left stranded with 500kg of meth and unwittingly involve Ed and Heather in their desperate pursuit of the ultimate payday. Amidst the absurdity, the ordinary Kiwi couple must navigate treacherous waters, hoping to both thwart the gang and survive the ludicrous ordeal.

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Steve S.
02/15/24 at 02:38am

That was a quick preview. Thank God.

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