The 1% Club

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Jun 03, 2024 - Present




Host - Patton Oswalt

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A game show that tests how you think instead of what you know.

Based on the hit international format, this unique and funny game show tests the nation's intelligence, based on a scientific survey - not what is learned at school or the ability to memorize facts.

Hosted by Patton Oswalt, the show tests how your brain works through a series of questions that all have a right answer but can also lead to a series of entertaining wrong answers along the way. Whether you're a contestant vying for the cash prize or a viewer playing at home, answer enough questions correctly, and you could earn yourself a place in the 1% Club: an elite group of people who can honestly say they've outwitted 99% of the population.

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05/04/24 at 08:02am

This looks interesting. I may try it.

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