The Baxters

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Mar 28, 2024 - Present




Elizabeth - Roma DowneyJohn - Ted McGinleyKari - Ali CobrinTim - Brandon Hirsch

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A family drama following a couple and their five adult children facing life's challenges.

Elizabeth and John Baxter have five adult children. Their daughter, Kari had discovered that her professor husband, Tim, has been having an affair with one of his college students. As her relationship is tested, Kari seeks comfort in her faith and family to see if love is truly a choice and if her marriage can be redeemed.

Based on New York Times bestselling book series by Karen Kingsbury.

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07/19/24 at 07:41am

Love The Baxters! Will watch for many seasons to come if we can just have them! Gregg, if you don't like it, don't watch! There is nothing wrong with the acting...and I love all the characters. And Roma Downey is amazing as always! Bring it back!!
Kathryn A Foster
07/18/24 at 06:07am

Please go look over @thebaxtersamazonwatchparty group on Facebook hundreds and hundreds of comments wanting season 4 as well! Please make it!
07/09/24 at 10:32pm

Love these shows! Keep them coming!
05/11/24 at 06:48pm

Please have a season 4 and more of the Baxters
04/28/24 at 11:17pm

Ok @jill, @renee & @suzanne we get it please release a season 4. You gals either have identity issues or something.

This show is just like 7th Heaven and Greenleaf but with poor acting and poor effects like the scene at the church after the shooting when the Dad the Dr. Had blood on his face it looked like they smeared it on with watered down liquid.

Also how is there 3 seasons if it only debuted back on March 28, 2024. Why not just make it a Season with 34 episodes. Just never seen any streaming service release 3 at one time, considering they are only 20mins long at best.

But my wifey likes it and the kids so I am stuck with watching and we just finished Season 2.
04/28/24 at 08:22pm

Please do not cancel the Baxters. Please release a season 4!
04/22/24 at 10:22pm

Please do not cancel the Baxter’s. Please release season 4.
03/31/24 at 04:23pm

Please do not cancel the Baxter’s. Please release season 4.

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