The Decameron

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Jul 25, 2024 - Present




Drama / Comedy


Dioneo - Amar Chadha-PatelStratilia - Leila FarzadNeifile - Lou GalaPanfilo - Karan GillSirisco - Tony HaleMisia - Saoirse-Monica JacksonPampinea - Zosia MametTindaro - Douggie McMeekinFilomena - Jessica PlummerLicisca - Tanya Reynolds

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A dark comedy following a group of misfits trying to outlast the bubonic plague in 1348 Florence.

In the grand Villa Santa outside Florence, a group of nobles and their servants are sheltering as the Black Death rages in 1348. To pass the time, they take turns telling each other stories that range from witty to debauched. But as social rules wear thin over time, the orgy of riches and liquor collapses into a struggle for survival.

Loosely inspired by the short story collection of the same name.

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