The Quiz with Balls

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May 28, 2024 - Present




Host - Jay Pharoah

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A game show that combines trivia with a large-scale physical competition.

Jay Pharoah hosts this game show that pits brains against balls, with families competing for $100,000. Standing on a high platform over a pool, they must all work together as they face a multiple-choice quiz where each answer is allocated to a spot with a giant ball positioned up behind it. If the correct answer is chosen, the ball rolls down and stops just before colliding with the player. If the answer is wrong, the ball whacks them into the pool below. The more players each team loses, the harder the questions get. The longer they last, the more money they bank, until one "dry" family member plays the final round for the Grand Prize.

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05/20/24 at 02:52pm

I'm willing to give this one a try no matter how absurd it looked in the previews.

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