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Feb 11, 2024 - Present




Drama / Action


Colter - Justin Hartley

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A drama following a reward seeker who helps solve various mysteries for citizens and cops.

Colter Shaw is a lone-wolf survivalist who traverses the country as a reward seeker. He uses his expert tracking skills to assist private citizens and law enforcement in solving all kinds of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family.

Based on the novel 'The Never Game' by Jeffery Deaver.

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05/23/24 at 07:36am

Concluding its inaugural season on Sunday, May 19, CBS’ “Tracker” has formally emerged as the #1 non-sports program on all of television for the 2023-2024 season, Nielsen reported on Wednesday (22/05/2024).

~Soap Opera Network
05/15/24 at 06:55pm

I like this show. I like the partnerships that he has. I don't think it's like anything else on tv. I know it may not be realistic but who cares. It's entertaining and that's all that matter. I'm glad it got a 2nd season and i hope it gets another
05/06/24 at 09:22pm

I've watched several episodes of this show so far and feel I've given it a fair chance to win me over. It has not. It's boring and repeats the same plot line over and over. He arrives in some town and suddenly is working with some babe from his past, spars with her, and he has an "unexpected" partner for the episode. It's so predictable and the writers don't seem to be even trying to make things interesting. Justin Hartley was great in This Is Us but his confused face just doesn't cut it as a professional hunter. Having a team of older women searching online for him is so trite and overused. There is just nothing about this show that works. I'm disappointed. I wanted to like it but there's just nothing there.
03/06/24 at 09:55pm

I could not disagree more with Juicy Lucy. This is by far, the worst show that I have sean in a long time, and I like Justin Hartley as an actor. The stories are complete BS, they are unbelievable, characters are horrendous. Don't waste your time!
Juicy Lucy
02/22/24 at 09:03am

This is a very promising new show. Justin Hartley is a fantastic actor. Best new show of 2024 so far.
Steve S.
02/15/24 at 02:19am

I watched ep1. Justin Hartley seems good enough to make it work, but .... everything about it is typical tv show - throw-away tv quality, you always know where it's going, the diversity requirement guarantees or maximizes its unrealness. The writing is uninspired and since most actors will be in one episode, they may not be good actors. Except for the lead, the returning actors may not be too good either. Nevertheless, I may keep watching it for a little while since it might be a feel good. Otherwise, it basically only sports on the menu.
Steve S.
02/11/24 at 04:30am

I don't have high expectations but I may watch this. The Indians may sue for a cut of the bounty. The tracker for hire scheme is a reach.

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