Wild Cards

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Jan 17, 2024 - Present


The CW


Drama / Crime


Max - Vanessa MorganCole - Giacomo GianniottiGeorge - Jason PriestleyYates - Amy GoodmurphyRusso - Karin Konoval

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A drama following a con woman and a detective forced to work together solving cases.

Max is a spirited con woman who is paired up with Cole, a demoted by-the-book detective, both looking for their own version of redemption. Together they each utilize their unique skillsets to solve crimes.

Comments (9)

03/23/24 at 10:18pm

Vanessa Morgan was from Riverdale 99 episodes. Glad to see this was renewed for season 2.
03/22/24 at 09:28pm

Thanks for the renewal info. Doing a search, I found CW's tweet from 2/15/2024 saying S2 was ok'd. I'd been relying on this website for my renewal/cancellation news, perhaps a bit too much as there are other info/intel sources for tv shows out there. Congratulations to the cast & crew.
03/22/24 at 02:11pm

A little like White Collar but this comes with the element of "will they or won't they?". Everyone is good in their roles and the show is a quick watch - hardly seems like an hour. Don't take it too seriously and just enjoy. The only thing I disliked was the short season.
03/19/24 at 05:05pm

L-2, your wish has been granted... green light was given for season 2!
03/13/24 at 09:59pm

I'd not heard of Vanessa Morgan previously, but love her character. I'm hoping for a series renewal.
03/10/24 at 03:46pm

Fun to watch. The comedy part is a bit stale but just put your brain in neutral and enjoy.
02/17/24 at 06:38pm

I think the show is great cops comedy and the plots are good as well. And yes Vanessa Morgan adds to the show
Steve S.
01/17/24 at 00:40am

You are correct except Max is less convincing than Neal. At least in the preview bigtime. Looks weighted on the comedy front. Maybe she's more like Mozzie who was so unconvincing he brought the show down, especially as it ended, by that time it sucked. It shouldn't have.
01/08/24 at 04:01pm

So its White Collar then.

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