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Bones Renewed For Season 8

As expected, the Fox drama will return for an eighth season.

March 29, 2012

Fox has confirmed that Bones has been renewed for an eighth season, something that had been expected since four additional episodes were ordered late last year that were not to be part of the current season.

Bones is now airing its seventh season - one that was shortened to 13 episodes due to star Emily Deschanel's pregnancy. Six of those have aired so far, with its last new episode back in January. New episodes are set to resume this coming Monday, April 2 and will air for seven straight weeks to close out the season.

A timetable for the show's eighth season return has not been announced as of yet.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (9)

Drake Donnellson
Posted 08/28/12 at 01:57:45

It's odd that so many comments are negative and/or just plain cheap shots.

If you think so little of the show... what drove you to find this site and, log in, AND express your negative views. Lotta time to say it's boring crape...
Posted 08/15/12 at 09:10:46

thanks god.i love the show
John Talt
Posted 06/15/12 at 05:39:27

After episode 13, Season 7, "The Past in the Present,if they don't show me how they clear Bones and catch the smart guy (one of the best creeps) I will be upset! Love this show and all the characters in it including the bones. Smart,tense,humorus,mutidimensional with very interesting characters you can't help caring about.
Posted 06/12/12 at 09:44:47

im so inlove with these series. please dont cancel it! pls pls pretty pls!!!
Posted 06/12/12 at 03:10:05

I love this series. I find it to always be fun, exciting and interesting. The baby just adds more interest. I'm so happy it was renewed. I think when they talked about cancelling it, that enough people complained that they didn't.
Posted 05/18/12 at 14:59:50

Seriously, who even cares about this show anymore? We go through 6 seasons of sexual tension, then they have a one night stand that's so vague that we the viewers aren't even sure they hooked up until boom, she's pregnant. What a let down.
Posted 05/15/12 at 19:33:18

I am so glad to hear that just because Bones got her "happy ending" with Booth and the baby they aren't going to cancel it. Life doesn't end just because you have kids!!! neither should our shows!
Posted 05/06/12 at 07:57:56

Why? this show took a headed when she got pregnant... boring crap.....
Posted 04/03/12 at 10:33:25

I could have swore that I heard at the beginning of this season that they were wrapping up the series at the end of this season? Did I hear wrong or did something change?

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