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On Air: Jul 11, 2008 - Dec 13, 2012
Network: CBS CTV ION

Flashpoint Concluding After Season 5

The police thriller will end after its upcoming fifth season.

May 1, 2012

The production companies behind Canadian police series Flashpoint have announced that the series will be ending after its upcoming fifth season. The show's final 13 episodes have already started filming for broadcast during the 2012-2013 season on CTV in Canada and on ION in the US, as was confirmed earlier this year.

When Flashpoint began airing in 2008, US network CBS picked up the series but decided not to continue broadcasting the show after its fourth season. That's when ION stepped in, much to the delight of devoted fans. By the series finale next year, a total of 75 episodes of Flashpoint will have aired.

(Source: CTV)

Comments (110)

Anita Carmack
Posted 12/16/15 at 23:37:59

Flashpoint was my favorite TV show. Why was it cancelled? Is there anything we can do to bring it back? Why would such a popular show be stopped? Please bring it back. I watch all the reruns.
Posted 03/02/15 at 21:25:38

the show for me was pretty good EXCEPT when they made all the HEAD shots. The expert marksmen could light a match at over 100 yards so why not the shoulder shot where the nerves control the ability for the person to use the arm or hand at all. Medically speaking it is a true fact. So watch the next episodes. Watch thru the scope an check it out see if the shoulder can be hit or not. Yeah since they first came on down here I have been watching since nothing else worth watching.
Posted 09/04/14 at 23:30:04

9/5/14 This is a great show.Is there anyone we can write to save it?
Posted 03/21/14 at 23:36:03

Please bring back flashpoint because is the best i love it so much, to me is like the greatest show ever, it really is ill be thanksful if you bring flashpoint back ill appriciate it alot :) please bring it back
Posted 02/05/14 at 17:02:08

Please bring this show back,,,,,this is the " Best Series" on TV. I am so.......,disappointed it is over. My husband and I absolutely loved the show
Michele Wiech
Posted 01/30/14 at 19:51:58

I'm so disappointed.. I'm in the and my hubby love it. Watched all episodes on Netflix...and now it's cancelled. .
Posted 01/19/14 at 21:16:42

Please do not cancel! please Love this show! greatest show i have ever watched! 5 of us adults in this house love it! not only is it educational, but its great to watch. the cast is outstanding! please please dont take away! how about a season six, seven, etc.... i know i am not alone here! canceling this program is a big big mistake! liste to what the people want please!!!!
Posted 01/05/14 at 15:36:15

They can't cancel flash point it was one of my favourite shows
Diane McMullin
Posted 12/20/13 at 14:13:12

Flashpoint is the best show. Please bring this show back. It is a great Canadian show. My family enjoy every show. Please renew this show and make us Canadain's proud.
Deborah Lynn
Posted 09/16/13 at 12:09:04

Why are all the good shows canceled? Flashpoint was (is)a
great show. Please don't cancel it. Bring it back.

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