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Major Crimes

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On Air: Aug 13, 2012 - Present
Network: TNT

Major Crimes Renewed For Season 3

The crime drama will return next summer.

August 15, 2013

TNT announced today that Major Crimes has been renewed for a third season. The crime drama is currently pulling in an impressive 6.7 million viewers (Live + 7 delivery), ranking it in the Top 5 basic cable series.

The current season of Major Crimes wraps its summer run this coming Monday, August 19, and will return in November for the second half of Season 2.

Season 3 will return in summer 2014 with 15 new episodes.

UPDATE: Season 3 of Major Crimes will premiere on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 9:00pm.

(Source: TNT)

Comments (12)

Posted 04/04/14 at 06:50:12

Well happen to like cop shows. At least it is constantly going somewhere. I especially like Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles my favorites. Keep them going.
Posted 03/12/14 at 18:41:06

They always seem to be hinting that Rusty is gay. Please, please, please don't let that be. After he testifies, why can't he be just a normal boy, and have a great life after such a terrible childhood. I'm 70 yrs. old and love the show. For us old people let him be straight and have a good life. And for those who think that it should'nt matter whether he's gay or straight. Then it should'nt matter at all, if he's straight. Please give this careful consideration. Thank you for your time.
Posted 03/06/14 at 01:06:44

Love love love Major Crimes. One of the best shows on. So glad its coming back, my whole family loves it. Now if you'd bring back Southland I could die a happy girl.
pat priah
Posted 01/07/14 at 13:28:57

this is not major crime, it is the rusty show. he is very boring and a smart alec. I stopped looking a while ago, because of him. no kid should be allowed the freedom he has, after being a teen hooker, its not too realistic, just annoying
Posted 12/02/13 at 22:18:50

Today is 12/2/13. Tonight's episode was probably the best of any show they have done. There was a crime. They actually had to think for once. Sharon Raydor sounded like a tough captain for once. I like the talking to suspects and having to do whatever to solve the case the way Brenda did. When Major Crimes started it said it was going to get confessions so they didn't go to trial . Wasn't that exactly what Brenda did. The show was called the Closer for a reason. Now the cases they solve why major crimes is at baffles me!! Sharon grow some balls get tough!!!
michael j minchoff
Posted 10/19/13 at 09:20:16

I am surprised. Loved the Closer but felt someting was off with Major Crimes. It lost me in season 1. so surprised that it is renewed for 3.
berta torres
Posted 10/17/13 at 13:37:11

It cant be over ever since the closer left I was left with the feeling of whats next? And then came major crimes I wasnt to sure how it was goin to work out with sharon I learned to like her more and more and now that my burn notice is gone to all im left with is roseille and ilisels and perception and king and maxwell if they come back which I hope they will, anyhow im so happy that major crimes will be back and hopefully with all of the others I mentioned.
Posted 08/19/13 at 01:08:36

Formulaic cop show like every other cop show on the air. There are 4 types of cop shows produced - The buddy cop show (King & Maxwell, Hawaii 5-0, Castle, Bones), the way-too-much-drama cop show (Law & Order [all versions], Blue Bloods), the "quirky" cop show (Perception, Unforgettable), and lastly the we-can-do-amazing-science-stuff cop show (CSI, NCIS). All 4 styles follow very clear formulaic timing. Networks love making these shows because they are quick episodes to write, cheap shows to shoot and produce, and predictable so some viewers eat them up. If you've seen 3 episodes you've pretty much seen the formulas every single episode with follow. This is why tv is wrought with these types of shows - some viewers just love turning off their brain and eating what networks feed them for an hour or two. These are the same viewers who kept shows like Murder She Wrote and Matlock on the air for so long... after all, every single one of these shows is formatted after those two in some manner. Major Crimes is absolutely nothing special. Just another cop show cheap to make so of course the network will milk it for all they can.
Posted 08/17/13 at 17:47:00

King and Maxwell is a ood show . Now, we do not know how it is rated because this network does not use the rating system other networks use. So all people involved in bringing us this show are on pins and needles waiting for the network mucky muck leaders smoking crack sitting in their soft leather chairs to make up their mind on the future of the show and their job. It left us hanging on knowledge of more moles in the CIA and fbi , here is hoping it is renewed soon. MKL
Posted 08/17/13 at 03:08:40

Great news! Now, if King and Maxwell is renewed, I will be happy.

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