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Two and a Half Men

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Network: CBS

A sitcom about a playboy jingle writer whose divorced brother moves into his beach-front house.

Charlie Harper is a successful bachelor whose wild ways are cut short when his younger brother, Alan, gets divorced and moves into his Malibu home.

Alan also brings his son Jake along, and together they unwittingly throw a wrench into Charlie's single-living ways.

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Posted 04/02/14 at 16:36:05

Why is this show still on the Air, You guy can't suck any more Blood out of this show,IT SUCK!!!!!!!!!
Posted 02/02/14 at 09:39:02

This show should have already been cancelled. It is really bad!!!!!
Posted 09/22/13 at 19:57:12

I am glad this is only personal opinions.... which don't mean much.... so my remedy for you is.... don't watch it! you know turn the channel.. simple.
But for me... keep up the good work! Enjoy the program and I will NOT change the channel... with and without Charlie is a great show!!!
Posted 05/13/13 at 17:30:54

This show suck! It even sucked when Sheen was still in it! Get it off the air....
Posted 01/26/13 at 02:48:35

please cancel the show its really bad its nothing without charlie
Chris D
Posted 01/18/13 at 14:51:50

How obsolete is this website? Still lists Charlie Sheen as a cast member and still on air. The new 2 1/2 isn't squat compared to the Sheen version. Sorry.
Posted 09/30/12 at 11:08:59

Agreed-I can't stand Sophie Winkleman's character Zoey--she's awful, not funny at all and doesn't fit in with the show. Get rid of her!!!!
Posted 09/30/12 at 11:08:05

Please, please get rid of Zoey--she is such a snob and not in a funny way. She's too uptight for the show and she is bringing it down. We need to see more of Courtney Thorne Smith--she at least plays a believable down-to-earth character.
Posted 08/12/12 at 14:08:37

I can't believe this show is still on the air. It started out funny, then degenerated into nothing but sex jokes and bathroom humor, even before Charlie left. Ashton Kutcher is one of the most over-hyped actors ever; he's awful. Cancel it and put on some decent programming.
Posted 08/06/12 at 05:53:36

The writing still has its moments, but way too much sex and drugs gags--isn't that why they kicked Charlie off the show--not representative of the show's wholesome, family image?

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Genre: Comedy

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Ashton Kutcher (Walden)
Jon Cryer (Alan)
Angus T. Jones (Jake)
Ryan Stiles (Herb)
Melanie Lynskey (Rose)
Holland Taylor (Evelyn)
Conchata Ferrell (Berta)
Marin Hinkle (Judith)
Charlie Sheen (Charlie)