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Billy the Exterminator

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Network: A&E

A reality series following Billy Bretherton as he tackles some of Louisiana's creepiest and most outrageous pest problems.

Formerly called "The Exterminators" in its first season, "Billy the Exterminator" follows pest control expert Billy Bretherton and his family as they tackle some of the most crazy and unusual pest problems in Louisiana. From spiders to cougars, Billy has seen it all.

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Comments (77)

Jacob Carpenter
Posted 02/09/16 at 17:06:32

Can you please bring it back, I miss it so much, it was my favorite show ever and entertaining.
Posted 02/01/16 at 07:50:09

I really loved the show. Please bring it back on. The show was informative as well as entertaining. Please please please
Posted 01/27/16 at 07:53:39

Please bring Billy's show back I learned alot from him. Thanks
Headless Horseman
Posted 01/22/16 at 08:24:05

although billy the exterminator is cancelled because of his drug abuse, Ricky has a Youtube series called Vexcon The Exterminators which has short 8 minute long clips of him and his partner Chris as they go and do the exterminations.
Posted 01/16/16 at 12:09:06

This was my daughters favorite show. She is now 11 and would be so happy to have new seasons.
Jess Marie McRoberts
Posted 01/11/16 at 12:47:09

Please A&E don't be cruel And Bring Back Our Favorite Tv Reality Series "Billy The Exterminator" Back On A&E We All Make Mistakes Nobody is Perfect Only God is Perfect So Remember That A&E Ok 😗😓😠
Posted 12/04/15 at 09:17:05

I say bring the education back in fact we need more shows like billy the exterminator out there so that we may actually learn a lil about some of the encounters we all face everyday...
brittany linebaugh
Posted 11/29/15 at 20:24:36

Really wish you all would put his shows back on :(. You know everyone make mistakes!
Posted 11/08/15 at 10:14:50

Please put "Billy the Exterminator" back on as soon as possible. I really miss watching that show and always looked forward to it coming on just to see the next adventure they were going on. Besides, over the years, many tv stars have bin known to do drugs and even bin arrested for it, but most of them don't ever get taken off the air for it.( hell its not like he was smoking the shit on air). Please just do the right thing and put the show back on.
Posted 11/04/15 at 16:00:41

I love the show and I love to meet billy and I want the show come back on the TV and I want Billy's autograph on me and if the show comes back on I will be happyif the show is it on the TV I will not be happy at all who's ever control the network I am hate them because they cancel our show Billy exterminator

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