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A medical drama that follows a dismissed surgeon who tries to redeem himself as a small-town physician in East Hampton, NY.

Hank was a successful emergency room doctor before he was dismissed because he chose to treat dying teenager before a billionaire hospital benefactor, who ended up dying as a result.

Now down-and-out with his life in a tailspin, his brother convinces him to attend a party in the Hamptons, where he rubs elbows with high society and gains referrals to other rich clientele.

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b j leestamper
Posted 09/23/14 at 09:50:36

I really like this show, only wish there were more at a time. keep it going. I love all the characters.
Patty g
Posted 09/01/14 at 23:54:46

My sister told me about this show and I've watch all 5 season in a week! I super love, love this show! I even paid on Vudu to be able to watch season 6! Thank you for having a great show!!!! :))))
Posted 08/29/14 at 16:01:20

Great show ! Been with it since the beginning. Not to sure the "Emma" character is necessary ... an attempt to reach a younger LESS sophisticated audience maybe. I say write her out, my opinion !
Posted 05/03/13 at 15:45:22

Great show. Can't wait for the new season.
Posted 02/27/13 at 18:44:42

love the show! GREAT
Connie Roberts
Posted 02/10/13 at 06:26:49

I love this show and all of the actors.
Posted 12/17/12 at 20:31:08

Unfortunately, Quincy MD was more believable then Hank the Hack. Brooke D'Orsay and Reshma Shetty are the real highlights of the show!
Posted 09/09/11 at 10:33:08

I think that this show is very funny and easy to relate to characters

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Genre: Drama / Medical

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Mark Feuerstein (Hank)
Paulo Costanzo (Evan)
Jill Flint (Jill)
Reshma Shetty (Divya)