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Hell on Wheels

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A drama focused on the 1865 settlement that accompanied the first transcontinental railroad project.

When America's first transcontinental railroad project got underway in 1865, it was referred to as "Hell on Wheels" by the inhabitants of the settlement that accompanied its construction.

From surveyors and support workers to prostitutes and mercenaries, characters of all kinds made this mobile encampment their home.

Comments (19)

Posted 03/19/14 at 00:37:45

Great show ...can't wait until it is on again.
Marlene Guillory
Posted 03/17/14 at 17:02:57

I am so excited about this.....
Posted 02/24/14 at 03:51:29

So glad to hear we can look forward to another season! Good move, AMC, there are a lot of loyal viewers out there.
D of Texas
Posted 01/17/14 at 12:03:43

Can't wait for the coming season!!!! So intelligent as well as entertaining!
Posted 10/13/13 at 07:19:43

Great show! Can't wait to see more!
Ahmed from Egypt
Posted 10/11/13 at 13:28:23

i really hope that it gets a 4th season , amazing show , very good cast ,Great story line .. apart if american history that i'd love to see some more of.
Posted 10/08/13 at 04:57:08

Got hooked on this show from Day One. Good writing, excellent cast, well developed storyline, delicious historical teasers... fine fare indeed. I do look forward to Season 4 and beyond.
Posted 06/14/13 at 02:08:45

Yay!!! Now I have something to look forward to with a Season 3 coming soon. AMC has been giving us the type of high quality shows that one would see on pay channels. Hell on Wheels is the first western I have loved in a long time. The writing, the production, the acting. It is all so excellent, I can feel like I'm there, feeling what they are feeling. One can't go wrong with this series. Well, except it has sex, hard language, bloody violence and mature themes. So, parents with young children would probably want to put them to bed before indulging themselves.
Posted 03/23/13 at 11:15:11

Hell on Wheels...wonderful show...Great characters and story line. Where is it??? Waiting for it to continue. Forget the Walking Dead... get some content story line shows back on TV
Posted 02/26/13 at 16:40:05

This has been a riveting show as others have said. The character development has been sophisticated and deep. There have been many images that were compelling and visceral. The twists have been unexpected, to say the least! I can't believe they killed off Lily Bell! I am looking forward to the next season, the sooner the better!
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Genre: Drama

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Anson Mount (Cullen)
Colm Meaney (Doc)
Common (Elam)
Dominique McElligott (Lily)
Tom Noonan (Cole)
Eddie Spears (Joseph)
Ben Esler (Sean)
Phil Burke (Mickey)