Hell on Wheels

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Nov 06, 2011 - Jul 23, 2016








Cullen - Anson MountDoc - Colm MeaneyElam - CommonLily - Dominique McElligottCole - Tom NoonanJoseph - Eddie SpearsSean - Ben EslerMickey - Phil Burke

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A drama focused on the 1865 settlement that accompanied the first transcontinental railroad project.

When America's first transcontinental railroad project got underway in 1865, it was referred to as "Hell on Wheels" by the inhabitants of the settlement that accompanied its construction.

From surveyors and support workers to prostitutes and mercenaries, characters of all kinds made this mobile encampment their home.

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kevin Wingrove
07/17/16 at 03:37pm

Ending left with some loose ends. SHAME.
Could there be another series too finish it off happily?
Overall well made series, more of the same please.
03/27/16 at 03:52am

I have adored Hell on Wheels since the beginning. It started strong and never let up. Now, all I need to know is when the final season begins in 2016.
01/18/16 at 07:08am

Why do all the stations always take the GOOD SHOWS OFF!!! We loved this show along with LONGMIRE Rozio and Isle!! It seems that every time the show gets good it goes off. It also seems that all the good shows are being taken off and all the STUPID shows are being renewed, WHY??
PLEASE bring this back
08/31/15 at 05:01pm

When is the series finale ?
08/04/15 at 08:35am

Why do they cancel the best shows?
07/10/15 at 10:23pm

Love this show. Sad to see its the last season though. Can't wait till its starts July 18 (I think).
06/20/14 at 09:06pm

Need to expand to Mexico in new season.
05/12/14 at 02:05am

Come on you silly people - please put this show back on!! It was great fun and please excuse the borrowed-many-times term: "Guilty pleasure."
04/24/14 at 03:00pm

Gritty, bloody and awesome are just 3 words of many I could use to describe this series.
Without diving so deeply into the racial issues of the time that they would consume and ruin the show, they are still able to provide a limited education to many that even a former Confederate soldier may not be the racist history tells us that anyone from the South must have been.
I'm glad they finally brought up the issue of Chinese labor because those workers starting from the West Coast were much more numerous that most understand and also died in huge numbers during the construction seeking a better life in the US.
Character development can be slow or take a huge jump and that keeps one wondering. And paying attention!
I can't wait till it returns!
03/19/14 at 00:37am

Great show ...can't wait until it is on again.

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