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A sci-fi drama following the conflict between a cop and a group of rebels who time-traveled from the year 2077.

In present-day 2012, a group of rebels have time-traveled from the year 2077 after being convicted there as terrorists. Kiera is a police officer, known as a Protector, who is inadvertently transported along with them.

In order to prevent the terrorist group from changing the past, and therefore the future, Kiera joins the police of 2012 and also works with a young tech expert to track down the terrorists' pasts.

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michael dobey
Posted 07/27/16 at 13:46:05

A interesting show. At least it had a ending. So did haven. which concluded.
Posted 10/12/15 at 01:25:39

that it only 6e in season 4 thats mess up
Posted 02/03/15 at 17:20:13

Love this show,has an original plot. The characters are great! Sorry to see that it will end after season 4. Really looking forward to seeing it. It seems like most shows that come on that start out showing certain groups as "the good guys" and change your perspective of who's good or bad, never seem to last long on TV. I remember Caprica as one of those shows, loved that it was dark and you couldn't tell who was good or bad as the show developed. Need more shows like that!
Posted 11/20/14 at 13:04:17

This is a pretty cool show. I like it.
Posted 09/30/14 at 08:38:19

Season 1 & 2 were the best. Season 3 had to be made to show a conflict resolution but it was not as good. They need a season 4 just to put the show to bed and finalize everything.
Posted 09/25/14 at 16:27:10

Please renew this! I love this show!
Arthur Henrick
Posted 09/25/14 at 13:02:39

Well, Defiance was renewed for a 3rd Season today ... would be a slam dunk if Continuum was also renewed. Crossing my fingers. Both are great shows....well though out and daring to think out of the box.
Posted 09/08/14 at 06:05:17

I shouldn't have blamed all of Canada for this series. I do appreciate much of what Canada offers in the arts. Any who, although I don't like this series that much, I will wait until it finishes and then give it another try. It's not that bad, I just can't relate to all the whining characters of late.
Posted 08/24/14 at 23:34:24

I think this show is a marvel in that it looks at the system from outside and there is a valid reason for everyone's action. I love how realistic it is in presenting everyone's viewpoint and that love and family is not used as a trump card, rather everyone wants something, and will act according to their ideals, and the show justifies that by not showing good virtuous people do good things, bad people do bad things format like a lot of other shows, which is a form of brainwashing, ironically. I think Canadian shows are more perceptive and human.
Posted 08/24/14 at 04:29:41

This series is a tease; it got me all worked up for nothing. Yawn. I'm done with it. Sadly, there is little sci-fi worth watching now. I think Canada has failed. Time to bring production back to the USA?.

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Rachel Nichols (Kiera)
Victor Webster (Carlos)
Erik Knudsen (Alec)
Stephen Lobo (Matthew)
Roger Cross (Travis)
Lexa Doig (Sonya)