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Network: CTV USA

A police procedural where the perpetrator is revealed early but their motive must be discovered.

In Motive, the victim and killer are revealed to viewers early in each episode, but the circumstances leading to the crime, including the motive behind it, must be investigated by a team of detectives and a medical examiner.

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Ray D
Posted 06/30/16 at 15:58:25

A note regarding the series. Season four just wrapped and CTV announced that the series is over and there will not be a fifth season. Followers I am sure have noted that USA Network aired the season three finale last week. This week is the season four premiere, which began airing in Canada in March. Hopefully the final season will provide a fitting end to the series.
Posted 05/24/16 at 20:29:51

I really hope USA Network renews Motive!!! It's a great show with a Very cool cast!!!
Roxanne blight
Posted 05/24/16 at 16:58:18

Love this show. That it's canadian is a bonus. Please keep it on the air.
Linda Raymond
Posted 04/18/16 at 16:00:15

Saw Motive advertised on USA and started watching it, loved it and then realized that it was the 3rd season so I went to on demand and watched the first two seasons. I am a big fan of police drama so just when I thought I had figured out the plot of Motive, I was wrong. Excellent writing and the actors are witty and there is a great repretoire between Angie and Oscar., Thank you USA
Posted 03/26/16 at 09:03:25

[I hope the moderator can delete the previous one, always spellcheck]
IN case anyone see this, Motive will be airing on the USA network (in the USA) starting April 1, 2016. (no April fools here, for real). Good news to me because I liked the show and was bummed it wasn't renewed here. But it's back so catch it if you can. Thank you USA network.
Posted 03/22/16 at 17:00:37

Thought MOTIVE was fabulous and have no idea why it was cancelled in U.S. I'm sure these comments mean nothing but I'm willing to give it a try!
Posted 03/13/16 at 19:48:04

Motive seems to be coming back to the US, but now on USA not ABC.
Posted 02/10/16 at 07:59:55

My husband and I were faithful fans of Motive. The premise of the show intrigued us .. most inventive to show the killer and victim at the beginning. We are still watching the repeats every morning at 11 here in Nova Scotia on The Bravo network.
We would love to see this show come back. Great stories, great acting and just all around a great hour of television.
mary beauchamp
Posted 11/08/15 at 11:45:03

Great show, different from the numerous other mystery shows. Actors are great. Please do not cancel.
Posted 10/11/15 at 19:13:00

Season 3 already aired over the summer but only in Canada (CTV). Does anyone know if we will be able to see this show on Hulu or Netflix (or even Crackle)? I watched the first two seasons and really missed this show this past summer.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Kristin Lehman (Det. Flynn)
Louis Ferreira (Det. Vega)
Brendan Penny (Det. Lucas)
Lauren Holly (Dr. Rogers)
Cameron Bright (Manny)
Roger Cross (Sgt. Bloom)